Iván’s chronicle

Town HallWhen you are on the verge of starting a trip, you always wonder what you are going to do at your destination and how everything will turn out. All such questions were on my mind before the journey.

Nevertheless, all those doubts disappeared when we arrived in Bonn, Germany. People there were very friendly and it felt like at home. Thus, our visit to Bonn was extraordinary, and it was a unique experience for us to meet new “European friends” and to change our prejudices about the other countries in Europe.

Moreover, during the four days we stayed there, we had time to do a lot of things; from going sightseeing to listening to a speech or going bowling. For instance, on Saturday we visited  Köln’s cathedral, which is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. In addition, I went to the house where Ludwig van Beethoven was born.

To sum up, I had a really good time in Germany. Besides, now I know more about other European cultures, I also have a better opinion of Europe and met a lot of nice people from other places, which is a very important thing for youth nowadays.Münster

Cuando estás a punto de embarcarte en un viaje, siempre te preguntas qué vas a hacer allá donde vayas y cómo saldrá todo. Todas esas preguntas me rondaban por la cabeza antes del viaje.

Sin embargo, durante los cuatro días que estuvimos allí, tuvimos tiempo de hacer un montón de cosas: desde hacer turismo hasta escuchar una conferencia o ir a la bolera. Por ejemplo, el sábado visitamos la catedral de Colonia, la más bonita que he visto en mi vida. Además, visité la casa natal de Beethoven.

Resumiendo, me lo pasé realmente bien en Alemania. Además, ahora sé más de otras culturas, tengo una mejor opinión de Europa y conocí a un montón de gente maravillosa de otros lugares, lo cual es muy importante para la juventud hoy en día.

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